Robbert is the newest member of the band and we're proud of him! From soft and sweet to hard and dirty, he knows how to hit those drums. Artistically creative with an ear for rhythm (luckily), he has been able to create a slightly altered sound of the original music.


Gilian is the mastermind of the group, besides nodding his head from left to right and dribbling the bass guitar like a world class basketball player he entertains us with wise quotes in dark days.
Were he got his knowledge from is unknown, but as a social genius we as a group are pretty sure he will end up rich and famous, either as a bass player, or as a guru.
As Gilian remarked to us: "It's all in the details".

Dyango is the musical genius of the band. Dozing away in the corner of the studio he doesn't seem to notice us at all. But when he does wake up he instantly treats us with the musical solution we were looking for in the song or with a great guitar solo. His sound forms the basis of our band.



Erwin is our caffeine; at least, that’s what we thought he was. As our coffee machine he pours coffee in cups like no one does. But this is not the only thing he can do, oh no. He has a natural talent for creating songs, he starts off with a single song, and then… BAM! They just keep on coming, there is no end to it! Guitar licks and lyrics, he does an amazing job on both. How he does it? We don't know, and he doesn't want to tell. Well… As long as we get our coffee we will not complain.